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Dr. Pratibha Pandey


Dr. Pratibha Pandey

Assistant Professor

About Me

Young Women Scientist awarded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Research interest areas are Cancer Biology and environmental issues including water purification. Focused and self driven person. An ardent learner with PhD in Bioengineering (Biotechnology), M-Tech (Biotechnology), MBA (HR) and B-Tech (Biotechnology), actively looking for research and development in Biotechnology.

  • Qualification
    • PhD, M.Tech, B.Tech
  • Department
    • Biotechnology
  • Institute Name
    • Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Email
    • pratibhapandey.bio@niet.co.in
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  • Country
    • India


6 Years of experience in Research and Teaching with some major achievements including: 

1. Awarded Project grant of 3 Lacs under CRIP Programme of TEQIP III from AKTU, Lucknow on water treatment.
2.  Awarded Young women Scientist under WOS-A scheme from Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and received a grant of 21 lacs for a project on cancer biology.
3. Appointed as Bentham Ambassador by Bentham Science Publishers.

4. 8 Weeks Certificate Course (Feb-April, 2019) on Cell culture Technologies by NPTEL Online Certification Programme.
5. Life Member of Swadeshi Science Movement, Delhi.
6. BCIL certification from Govt. of INDIA.

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2. Khan F, Pandey P, Jha N. K, Jafri A, & Khan I. (2020). Antiproliferative effect of Moringa oleifera methanolic leaf extract by down-regulation of Notch signaling in DU145 prostate cancer cell. Gene Reports, 100619. [SCI Indexed]
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