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The International Journal of Leading Research Publication (IJLRP) is a leading autonomous journal. It serves as a platform for rigorous improvement in academic development and quality of research. The journal was started with the noble effort to strongly condemn the practice of plagiarism and allow researchers to publish their original work and get it reviewed by a team of professionals. IJLRP follows the Code of Conduct, and Code of Ethics given by OASPA and COPE to bring genuine content into the limelight, contributing to the field of science and innovation. The journal focuses on improved quality to match the standards of research across the globe. IJLPR does not compensate for originality, credibility, timeliness, significance, and accessibility. The open journal welcomes all the authors with open arms to submit their extended and personal versions of prior published research papers. In no small measure, the IJLRP offers an endless list of advantages to reinforce the idea of academic careers and research abilities. The one-stop global forum has made the published papers visible to the entire scientific community and can be accessed without any hustle. The exchange of information on this platform covers wide-ranging topics from aeronautical and aerospace engineering to garment technology. The list of topics covered by IJLPR for an engaging group of researchers from different contrasting backgrounds is the need of the hour. The broad analysis of research work dealt with by the platform allows maintaining the high quality of official periodicals.

The vision of IJLPR is to promote research, innovation, and development to ensure growth in this field on a global scale.

The mission of IJLPR is to cater to an open and accessible platform to make immense contributions in the field of science and research. Genuine data is provided to the readers to ensure that a strong cycle of discovery and innovation can empower researchers across the globe. The authors can have the golden opportunity to fulfill their information needs simply by connecting to the database offered by the journal.

  • The platform shares information on a global scale
  • Encourages research across different domains
  • Easy publishing process
  • Showcases your research study
  • Less publication fee for promoting work
  • Papers indexed by major indexing services
  • Dedicated team to review to the research work
  • To reorganize the academic journals dedicated to the science and research field.
  • To provide open access to upcoming young scientists and researchers.
  • To work according to the stringent guidelines put forward by OASPA and COPE.
  • To encourage and award publication of high-quality research at all times.
  • To ensure the appropriation of novel research and development on the academic and scientific front.
  • To work closely with the knitted group of authors, publishers, public accomplices, and subscribers to meet their urgent research needs.
  • To accept the versions of already existing published journal papers and academic articles.
  • To keep the tracks of the platform open to industry contributions and research work.